I have known this beautiful mommy since 2005, I believe… I photographed her first pregnancy and newborn and now I have had the honor of documenting her family growing once again!

Baby Caiden is a Rainbow Baby. A rainbow baby signifies the blessing of a healthy baby born after a loss. Momma didn’t announce her pregnancy until baby was here safe and sound and he was also a SURPRISE GENDER! Nine whole months of not knowing and not posting! That takes some serious discipline!

In this set of images, you will notice the baby’s red string bracelet. Then you will see that the whole family has them!

Spiritual Meaning To The Red String Bracelet:

Red has been a color used throughout history to ward off negative energies and is a symbol of protection. It is worn as a representation of protection, faith, good luck, strength, and connection.

This Rainbow Baby was born in the same month of the family’s loss, exactly one year later. I can’t help but get the feeling of karmic connection and welcoming. Look at baby Caiden holding mom’s ring finger! 😍

Now you will see a smitten big sister loving on her new baby bro. So cute!

Finally, a few more of my favorites from the gallery. There were so many to choose from making it hard to decide but this session and this family were perfection.

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