Don’t Forget the Details

Newborn Sessions are such a great experience. They give the mom time to stop and breathe and just enjoy. After the first week of meeting your brand new tiny human, it’s nice to let go and watch. And it means so much to me that you trust me to do what I do.

Every baby is different. Some babies are super chill while others need a bit more soothing. Some will do every pose I try, while others put up a little bit of a fight. Some prefer to be swaddled and some hate it. And while I never know what to expect with each individual session, I have seen it all and know how to adapt to each situation and allow he baby to tell me what he will or won’t do. I always make sure each baby is comfortable.

He woke up and gave me a grin 🙂
Back to dreamland

Typically, I can get babies into various sets during your time with me.

Little Fox

I really love this sage green color! I have a variety of cute little coordinating wraps and newborn outfits I use.

Another little smile

And don’t forget the details…

detail shots

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