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Summerlin South Little League


From its inaugural 2007 season with 270 players on 23 baseball teams, Summerlin South Little League has grown to more than 800 players on over 70 teams in baseball, softball, and tee ball.


Summerlin South Little League has a proud history of volunteer service. Beyond the many managers, coaches, team parents, and scorekeepers, the Officers and Directors of Summerlin South Little League have given countless hours to build the organization into what it is today.



When we think of Las Vegas, NV the bright lights and commotion of the famous Strip often come to mind. However, beyond the frenzy and bustling casinos lies a city with a surprising array of natural wonders, cultural gems, and breathtaking landscapes. In this Redfin post, we'll delve into some of the most beautiful places in Las Vegas that showcase the city's diverse and captivating beauty. Whether you’re looking to buy a home in Las Vegas or renting in the city, you’ll appreciate these unique and beautiful landmarks.

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