Succulent Newborn

First let me say, I love squishy babies! There’s just something about baby chub that melts me! Second, let me say, I love succulents! I have my entire backyard patio area covered in succulents and cacti and gardening is favorite pastime. So when I was able to create a custom set from this family and put the 2 together! Instant favorite!

So, to match the colors, I went with rustic browns, grays and both light and dark greens to compliment the color we get from out baby succulent box set. Then I pulled Mr. Squishy Cheeks out, bucket all all, popped a hat on him and boom, simple but beautiful!

Now we move into some perfectly posed pictures.

NOM NOM! Baby feet! <3

OMG, this little dude gave me the biggest smile!

And we had to make him an adorable baby bear!

And lastly, we got a few family portraits. I just love capturing these because I know that they will treasure them forever!

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