Blessed with Boy #3

I have been lucky enough to watch this awesome family grow! I photographed the last 2 babies and they really are just the cutest family ever. The newest addition was just as squishy as the last. He was nice and sleepy for me for the first half of the session and then he popped his eyes open and decided to stay awake for the remainder of our time together. Look how beautiful these guys are!

NEW LOCATION! Valley of Fire!

Sheenagal Photography is proud to announce it’s newest location for clients, Valley of Fire State Park! Just a short drive to Overton, and well worth it! This spot is the perfect place for locals or visitors and after your session, you can drive around and enjoy some of the breathtaking rock formations covering nearly 46,000 acres! Weekends and holidays are the most popular times for visitors, so I recommend trying to book a session during a weekday, if at all possible, to avoid sometimes long wait times at the entrance. I really don’t need to say much more about this place because the pictures speak for themselves… Take a look!


The only set of twins I have had all year and they were the absolute easiest babies to work with! I swear I luck out sometimes! We got so many great pictures! Momma was a total rockstar, went full term and got to bring these babies home on time with no NICU stay! When these 2 came to see me, they were right around a week old. So blessed! And I had the pleasure of photographing both of momma’s maternity sessions and the twins’ older brother as a newborn as well. It is always an honor to have clients come back for all their special moments and allowing me to help document their growing families. And this session was EXTRA special because I got to snuggle 2 babies instead of just one! 

Meet Baby M!

It’s always nice to have a baby that comes in and sleeps well for you and rocks out almost every pose you try! Momma wanted some more contrasty colors for this session too and I love how it all came together. Check it out!

Mommy and Me

I recently got to photograph a couple very lovely ladies and had such a fun time! I laced up my running shoes to try to capture the fiery personality of a 3 year old red-head and loved every minute of it! This girl is going to be something amazing, I just know it!

Welcome Newborn Max!

I love to be able to take pictures for our military men and women who sacrifice so much for our country. Offering a military discount to them is a small token of my appreciation for what they do. It was my honor to photograph newborn Max, whose daddy is a long time fan of the book “Where the Wild Things Are” and had some amazing figurines to incorporate into this set…

This little guy was so sweet and it’s no wonder why his family was so smitten. Just look at doting big brother, so proud! These melt my momma-heart!

…and baby was certainly happy to make his arrival and finally be with his family, sporting several big grins!

Then we got some “Sleepy Baby” poses complete with a star and moon set!

And we can’t forget the detail shots…

These are so soft and subtle yet so amazing. There’s just something about these tiny little precious details that you never want to forget!

And, last, we got some sentimental images of baby on daddy’s flight jacket.

Thank you, to all the military families who sacrifice for our freedoms, everyday!

Brady’s Cake Smash

This has got to be one of the cutest cake smash sessions I have ever done. Completely customizable football set, perfected with some of their favorite memorabilia from home! This adorable baby’s daddy is HUGE New England Patriots Fan! (I mean, he named his first born after the legendary #12, Tom Brady!) So we had to make this one special! Celebrating his first birthday, check out little Brady…

He was so excited to dig in and can you blame him for drooling a little? Look at that cake!

before and after

Contest Winners – The V Family

Twice a year, I give Clark County residents the opportunity to win a free family mini session with me! This is the V Family!

Super cute family of four with a fur baby! They were the first participants to be randomly selected and they had a little surprise to tell me! Take a look!

That’s right! They had just recently gotten engaged! What a wonderful gift! I believe God chose them especially for me to pay it forward to!

Congratulations, you guys! May your marriage be happy and your family connection be strong!

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow
Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.

And their fur baby was the cutest! He was so excited he didn’t know what to do with himself! LOL!

Ward Family at Nelson’s Ghost Town

I moved to Las Vegas in 1997. I met Yesenia in Middle School and we have been friends ever since. 22 years! That makes me feel really old! LOL! I was so happy I was able to get her and her family out to Ghost Town at Nelson’s Landing for a Family Portrait Session. She looks simply stunning surrounded by the 4 men in her life!

Succulent Newborn

First let me say, I love squishy babies! There’s just something about baby chub that melts me! Second, let me say, I love succulents! I have my entire backyard patio area covered in succulents and cacti and gardening is favorite pastime. So when I was able to create a custom set from this family and put the 2 together! Instant favorite!

So, to match the colors, I went with rustic browns, grays and both light and dark greens to compliment the color we get from out baby succulent box set. Then I pulled Mr. Squishy Cheeks out, bucket all all, popped a hat on him and boom, simple but beautiful!

Now we move into some perfectly posed pictures.

NOM NOM! Baby feet! <3

OMG, this little dude gave me the biggest smile!

And we had to make him an adorable baby bear!

And lastly, we got a few family portraits. I just love capturing these because I know that they will treasure them forever!

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