Maternity at Ghost Town – Searchlight, NV

Recently, I had an adorable couple from Chicago contact me because they were coming to Las Vegas for their “Baby Moon” and wanted to have their maternity photos done here. Being that I came to vegas from Illinois myself, back in 1997, I felt instantly connected to them and wanted to make their session as amazing as possible so they will always have this memory.

What a beautiful rainy mountain backdrop!

We decided to head out to Searchlight, NV and visit one of my favorite places, Ghost Town! It’s a really neat place to take pictures with a ton of antiques and classic cars. They even have an airplane!

“He walks with me and talks with me and tells me I am his own.”

We found a bus that had coordinating colors so we did a few close ups
Love their interactions in this set of images and super love the truck!

Then we decided to go for a different look with a Sew Trendy Maternity Gown I recently purchased for my client closet. This dress is called the “Colbie” and the color is Evergreen. These gowns are so soft and stretchy and they are always a perfect fit! I have several gowns available to my maternity clients.

Sew Trendy Maternity Gown – Colbie

We finished up our session right before it started raining! And this super sweet momma-to-be will always have these special photos to remind her of the time she came out to Las Vegas right before her life changed forever.

The R Family

we found the perfect spot

When the weather is perfect in Las Vegas, not too hot and not too cold, all the families start looking for their photographer to do their fall family photos. This is the perfect time to incorporate some amazing autumn color pallets into your wardrobe. The R family did such a good job coordinating their outfits by taking the colors from the small pattern in mom’s dress and giving each family member a primary color and using the accessories to tie everything in.

the kids, having a little fun
Aren’t they cute?
and the amazing golden light from the sunset!
The same spot but once the sun ducked behind the mountain
having a seat in the grass
Uh oh! We’ve got a runner!
grassy field with rustic fence

WARNING! Don’t scroll down if you’re afraid of spiders

This is the very first time I have ever witnessed a real, live tarantula. This actually happened almost as soon as we walked into the park! Luckily my clients didn’t bolt! HAHA! The desert has appropriately earned it’s nickname of the “Wild Wild West”. I thought it was pretty neat and the older son was actually very interested in our arachnid friend.

aphonopelma chalcodes

Natural Baby Session

As a newborn photographer, there’s nothing better than to hear that your clients are pregnant again and coming back to you for pictures. (Especially when your client is an incredible man up artist and just so happens to look just like Cameron Diaz!)

With a super good looking couple like this, of course they make adorable kids too!

And sometimes munchkins wanna check out what you’re doing…

Let’s not forget the detail shots…

Then since baby’s was over sleepy time, I just got some super cute candid shots… <3

So happy I could capture this super cute gallery for them with some posed (while we could) and some “baby led” posing!

Newborn Kristiana

A beautiful name for a beautiful baby! So excited to welcome newborn Kristiana! She was just as sweet as can be, ever cracking a HUGE smile for me! Luckily, I was quick enough to catch it!! I always wonder what babies dream about, don’t you? Then she gave me another sweet smirk while posing perfectly with her parents! I just love these! So rustic and so dreamy!

Baby Brecklyn

What a cool name for this beautiful baby girl! This family was so great and their 2 year old boy did a fantastic job with his brand new baby sister! I love how creamy these pictures are. I would seriously use cream with every single session if I wouldn’t get bored! LOL!

Daddy’s a Whiskey Fan

So, a few months ago, I got this amazing wood whiskey box from Vintage Market Days at Downtown Summerlin and I could not wait to use it. I brought it out for this session with every intention of using the other side of it, which does not include the Hiram Walker stamp. But the dad just so happens to be a whiskey fan and loved the stamped side! AWESOME! I really love how these pics came out and was so happy to have the appropriately nicknamed newborn “Jack” in my studio.

Bridal Portraits at Spring Mountain Ranch

In my first 5 years of being a portrait photographer, I have somehow managed to steer clear of doing weddings. But I had an air force couple stationed here at Nellis, contact me to inquire about doing a bridal shoot because they just did a small courthouse wedding but wanted some nice photos to remember their special day. I said, sure! So we met up at Spring Mountain Ranch and we were able to get some great light and some adorable pictures to commemorate their love. (BTW, it was freezing cold, somewhere in the 40s, but that didn’t stop us!)

Desert Landscape Maternity

Are you looking for the perfect place to do your maternity session Las Vegas? I can help with that! This couple was here visiting from out of town and wanted to get off the strip and explore the beautiful desert landscape! The result was some amazing images for them to remember their “baby moon” trip before their newborn arrives!

How to Take Beautiful Maternity Pictures with Casual Clothes

Taking Casual Maternity Pictures with Stuff From Your Closet

We often see maternity pictures taken with flowing gowns and elaborate outfits, but if that’s not really your style, you can still get amazing images with a few simple things from the closet.

  1. Grab some jeans that still fit unbuttoned.
  2. Got a basic sports bra handy? Perfect!
  3. Any cardigan or “business casual” sweater left unbuttoned.
  4. Accessorize with a cute hat if you want!

Family + Fur Babies

A friend of mine wanted to do some updated family pics with her husband, her daughter and her 2 fur babies, who are not not really babies anymore. These pictures were very important to her for that reason. Furry family, is still family…and when you see their old age catching up to them, it can be hard to think about the future. But these pictures will always remind them of the good times after the unthinkable happens and their dogs must cross the rainbow bridge.

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