Popular Colors for Newborn Girls

This session includes some very popular colors for newborn girls. Mommy chose pink and mint but also loves rustic charm so I put these colors together for her beautiful bay girl and we got a lovely cohesive gallery. Sidenote, got a nice big smile from 2 year old brother and baby sister was wide awake...

Burrito & Tacito

I swear my friend has the cutest kids! She called them burrito and tacito! Are they nicknames from pregnancy cravings? (For me, they’re everyday cravings!) Anyway, *all the heart eyes*

The Many Faces of Boys

This is the 3rd year I’ve gotten to do this family’s photos and this is definalty my favorite session so far! To me, photography isn’t always about perfectly posed pictures and super well-mannered kids, sometimes it’s about capturing your family exactly how they are at that point in time. Next year will be totally different....

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